Pjur SPA – Scentouch Massage Lotion 200ml (Neutral Way)


Neutral scented Massage Lotion 200ml

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The lotions do not contain any oil, silicone, fat or water.

Unlike other massage products, they do not leave a greasy film on your skin or marks on textiles. The lotions can be easily wiped off without leaving behind any residue. They do not block up pores and are easy to apply.

The scents are sensual, delicate and not too intense.

Like a fresh breeze on your skin. Perfect for immersing yourself in a world of seduction and weightlessness. Four sensational scents open the door to new dimensions. There’s also a neutral version for those who want to focus exclusively on touch.

No Animal Testing & Vegan Friendly

They are Vegan and Naturally enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba. They also do not contain parabens, hormones or colourants.


  • 200ml Screw-top Scented Massage Lotion

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