Sex Toy Guide

This is the Black Knight Eroticas guide to what are the most common sex toys for both Men and Women, they include male masturbators, penis rings or cock rings, rabbit vibrators, love eggs and bullets, mini vibes, bondage, fetish, whips.

There are sex toys and sex aids of many varieties that will stimulate both men and women separately and some that can be used together.

If you are buying a vibrator for the first time you first need to decide what sort of stimulation you want, if you enjoy penetration, choose a vibrator or a dildo, if you prefer clitoral stimulation choose a mini vibe or clitoral stimulator, but if you like both then a rabbit vibe would be your best choice. The next step would be what shape, texture or materials it is made from.

Below is some information on the most popular Sex Toys and how to use them.

Classic Vibrators

Most classic vibrators are usually shaped like a penis and made from soft rubber, jelly or silicone material. Classic vibrators are made in all shapes and sizes, different colours and a variety of materials.

Other traditional vibrators are solid and usually made from hard plastic and are straight and slimline, some can come with various functions and extra speed.

Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit vibrators are the most popular sex toy that is designed for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina, they come in many styles, sizes, colours, with or without rotating beads, functions and speeds and are usually made from silicone or jelly material. The basic rabbit vibrates and has rotating beads in the shaft through to the more sophisticated models that have a rotating head, numerous functions, rhythms and speeds. The term rabbit vibrators came from the original dual vibrator that has a rabbit as the clitoral stimulator, now they can come with different clitoral stimulator eg elephant, dolphin, beaver, butterfly etc. Some rabbit vibes now come with a wireless or remote control/battery pack for hands free use.

G-Spot Vibrators

The G-Spot is difficult to find in many women so the G-spot vibrators are usually long (but they can come in a mini size) are curved at the end and made from hard plastic, they are designed to stimulate the G-spot which is hidden between the pubic bone and the cervix of the uterus.

Realistic Vibrators

These are for women who like the realistic look and feel of a real penis. Most realistic vibrators are veined to add to the realism and are usually made from cyberskin or ultra soft rubber. They can come with vibrations or without vibrations which are also known as dildos and dongs.

Mini Vibrators

Normally straight and slimline they are smooth and made from hard plastic, some versions are very powerful and are designed for intense clitoral stimulation, they may not be good choice for vaginal penetration as they may be too small to be effective.

Bullet Vibrators

There are many different types of bullet vibrators, they can be long, short, slim or fat and come in various colours and textures and usually made from hard plastic. These are designed for clitoral stimulation as they are often very powerful. They have a push button on/off control and some come with extra speed and various functions.

Contoured Vibrators

These contoured vibrators generally look nothing like a real penis and often come in bright colours and generally made from silicone or jelly, they are ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the female genitals.

Clitoral Stimulators

A vibrator of any type can be used as a clitoral stimulator but a popular type is the strapon butterfly clitoral stimulator, these are generally hands free vibrators that strap around your hips and cover your vaginal area. The vibrations of these strapon butterfly stimulators can be very strong as they sit directly on the clitoris. They started with the butterfly stimulator now they come in a variety of different stimulator styles eg beaver, bear, dolphin, turtle, sea shell and others.

Love Eggs and Bullets

These types of vibrators resemble eggs and bullets but come with a battery/control pack and connected by a cord. Some now are wireless or remote which means it is hands free, there is no cord connecting the egg or bullet to the battery/control pack and can be used at a greater distance from each other. These eggs and bullets are usually placed into the vagina and used for internal stimulation or making your vaginal muscles stronger, they can also be used for clitoral stimulation.


Vibrating massagers is what unique styles of vibrators are usually called. They dont look like any normal looking slimline or rabbit vibrators, these are generally vibrators that can be used by couples together, some look like the letter C, eg we-vibe 2 and 3, rock chick etc, some others are long, thick and have a large ball looking head which can be used as a normal massager on the body or as a vibrator for the genital area and can be used by both men and women together or separately.

Vibrator Sleeves

Many vibrator kits contain a vibrator and any number of vibrator sleeves to fit the vibrator. The sleeves can be made of rubber or jelly and can be smooth, ribbed, knobbly or have a shaped head at the end. You can also buy sleeves on their own to fit many different sizes and styles of vibrators.

Anal Sex Toys

There are various types and styles of anal toys including anal vibrators and dildos, beads, butt plugs, probes and douches. Anal Toys can be used by both men and women and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced as long as you are careful.

Below are the various anal sex toys and a quick explanation of how to use them.

Anal Beads/Balls

There are different types of anal beads/balls but they all do much of the same thing, they come in different sizes either attached by a string or a plastic version, they both can have beads or balls that are all one size or have beads or balls that start off smaller and increase to a larger size.

Anal beads and balls are designed to be inserted into the anus and are pulled out slowly one at a time at the point of orgasm for a more intense orgasm.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are also known as anal plugs and are usually shaped like a pyramid, it is thinly shaped at the top and has a wider base. Butt plugs come as vibrating and non vibrating and can be smooth or ribbed. Smooth butt plugs can be left in the anus during sex play and the ribbed butt plugs can be used for inserting in and out of the anus for extra stimulation.

Anal Probes and Vibrators

These generally look very similar to a womans traditional vibrator except they are inserted into the anus and are usually a lot thinner. Some are specifically designed for the men to stimulate their prostate.


A douche is designed to clean the anus before anal play. Warm water is pumped into the anus via a plastic nozzle inserted into the anus and pumped by a bulb pump to wash away any left behind residue.

Bondage Gear

There is a huge range of bondage gear and toys from light bondage toys like handcuffs, blindfolds and light restraints to toys for the more experienced bondage play like heavy handcuffs, restraints, whips, masks and ball gags to the expert bondage play gear like straight jackets, metal toys, electro stimulation and sex machines. Bondage is meant to be safe, fun and pleasurable, so only use these products with care as per instructions and at the level you are comfortable with.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings are also know as penis rings or erection rings and they are designed to restrict the blood flow in the penis to help keep the erection longer and delay ejaculation. They come in many different sizes, styles, colours and can be made from plastic, jelly, rubber, silicone, latex and leather. Cock rings are worn generally at the base of the penis and some can be adjustable, large ones can be used to be put around the scrotum too, they can be vibrating or non vibrating and have a variety of different clit tickler styles. A word of warning, if the ring becomes uncomfortable or painful take it off and it is also advisable to wear it for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are designed to help increase the size, strength and width of the penis as well as a masturbator for pleasure. This will happen slowly over time as the penis gets used to being pumped up this way, its like going to the gym to pump up your muscles, this is similar that if you want to have a bigger or wider penis you need to keep exercising it, if you only want it temporarily then only use it every so often as it will revert back to its original state if not continually pumped. You use it by putting your penis inside the tube which has a pump attached, as you pump, the air inside the tube is expelled and this creates a vacuum which causes the blood vessels inside the penis to expand, this allows more blood to flow and so your penis increases in size. Penis pumps are sometimes recommended for men with erectile dysfunction or impotency sufferers to help them get and keep erections. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with penis pumps.

Dildo Strap Ons

Strap ons have a variety of uses and are used by both men and women. All strap ons attach to the body in mostly the same way, they usually attach around the waist like a belt but with straps coming from the waist down the front, under the crotch and back up to the waist with a strap on dildo attached at the front. There are two forms of dildos, one is hollow for men to use as they can fit inside the hollow penis strap on and the other is solid for females to use, there are also some double dildos that have a vaginal dildo included. A woman can use the hollow dildos if they like.

Pussy, Ass, Mouth Masturbators

Not all artificial masturbators are the same, they may look similar and perform the same, sizes vary greatly, from small, discreet hand held masturbators that are ideal when travelling to life size models. More expensive models are made from cyberskin or real life like material to mimic a real life vagina, it expands easily when in use and some cheaper models are made from harder materials. Some larger models generally have 2 holes to choose from, the vagina and the anus and the smaller hand held models only have one opening either a vagina, anus or a mouth.

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