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This section of the Black Knight Erotica on line shop gives you hints on how to keep your sex toys clean, what Toy Cleaners are best to use and other relevant tips to help you get the most from your Sex Toy.

Sex Toys are made from many different materials and therefore each may need a different type of cleaning and not all can be used with the same sort of lubricant (see Toy Material Guide).

Some lubricants are not compatible with certain types of condoms, they can cause the condoms to split so make sure you check the lubes and condoms labels and packaging carefully.

Toy Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your sex toys is one of the more important things to do on a regular basis. It is important to clean your sex toy before and especially after use as this will keep them hygienic and should make them last longer. Generally you can run them under warm water, make sure no water gets into the battery compartment and make sure you dry your sex toy thoroughly.

Most waterproof sex toys can be rinsed in hot water and mild soap which will not harm your toy or cause you irritation to your skin when next you use it, then wipe over with a anti-bacterial toy cleaner specially designed for sex toys after washing.

DONT use domestic cleaners on your sex toys as they are harsh and may destroy the materials of the sex toy.

DONT put them in a dishwasher (apart from the glass toys) even if they say they are waterproof.


Silicone sex toys can be cleaned with mild soap and water or you can boil it for sterilisation, silicone can be sterilised up to 300*C (572*F).


Cyberskin is easy to clean and maintain by washing it with mild soap and water and patting dry, use specially designed cyberskin cleansing solution and talcum powder, sprinkle on the powder to soak up any excess water to keep the cyberskin in its best condition.


Glass toys can be cleaned with soap and water, glass can be boiled in water and put in the dishwasher occasionally.

TPR & TPE Rubber

TPR & TPE toys can be cleaned with soap and water and then an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic toys can be cleaned with soap and water then rubbed with alcohol after use.


Mild soap and water then an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Latex Mild soap and water then an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

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