Returns & Replacements

Please choose carefully as Black Knight Erotica does not offer a money back guarantee. We will not replace any product if you change your mind for any reason, for negligence or by your misuse of products. All purchases are final unless faulty or broken(see below)

We thoroughly check our products and guarantee they are brand new and in good working order before leaving the store.

In the event that the product is found to be faulty or broken we will replace it with an identical product, however, product colour may vary if original colour is unavailable. If we cannot supply the same product model we will offer you the option of store credit to the value of the original product.

All faulty or broken products must be authorised by Black Knight Erotica within 24 hours of receiving the product. Before returning it contact us first to discuss the issue. If you have not contacted us within 24 hours of receipt we may not accept the complaint.

All products authorised for return must have all original packaging and accessories and must not have been used. We will NOT under any circumstances receive USED products. No credit will be given if products have been used.

Any returned product will be at the customers expense but any replacement product will be at the expense of Black Knight Erotica under normal delivery conditions, unless arrangements have been made to collect it at the Kilkenny store.

Lingerie will not be replaced if you claim it does not fit or you change your mind. The item must be faulty and still have the original packaging, all tags, accessories etc and not be soiled, marked, altered in any way or washed.

We do not accept returns for the prepackaged Lingerie, Clothing, including stockings, body stockings, outfits etc. Where possible we provide official size charts from the manufacturer. Errors in size range from manufacturer are the responsibility of said manufacturer. If you are in doubt about sizing we recommend further research as there are no returns or exchanges.

Troubleshooting Toy Issues & Battery Care

Most products come with batteries, however, if the product does not work properly try changing batteries and make sure they are inserted correctly.

Many toys will not function correctly when using rechargeable batteries such as NiCad, NimH, LIon, Lithium and camera batteries as they have higher Milli-amp per hour (mAh) ratings. We recommend regular “heavy duty” batteries.

Make sure the battery compartment cap is closed tightly:

Especially waterproof products which have a silicone seal to protect electronics and batteries from water and other liquids. Often there are two metal power contacts which align correctly only when the cap is closed firmly. By the same token, over-tightening – particularly of crystal-clear plastic which is more brittle – may result in shattering or chipping of the battery compartment cap.

Check connections and springs in battery compartments. After long periods without use, there is a possibility of calcified or oxidised buildup. This is usually a whitish powder or on brass connectors it may be a green colour. This buildup can sometimes prevent good power connection to the batteries, and should be gently removed with emery sheet or gently scratched away with a small flat-tipped screwdriver or similar. This should be done carefully until the surface looks clean and shiny again.

ALWAYS Remove batteries when toys are not in use, as they can leak and spill battery acid inside the compartment and damage sensitive electronics, or leak out and ruin other toys or the coating of your toy such as silicone, tpe/tpr, pvc and even discolour Metals and ABS plastics.

Batteries that have leaked will clearly have burst seams and a white powder forming around the contacts or brownish liquid seeping. We recommend you immediately discontinue use of Toys that have had a serious leak as it is an acid, and may be corrosive and dangerous to continue using on sensitive skin such as genital areas.

Some Bullet vibrators which take button cell batteries may have a plastic liner inside to prevent the batteries shorting against the metal power transfer connectors that run down the inside length of the battery compartment. If this plastic liner is lost or is missing it can prevent proper function. It is easy enough to cut a length of paper (post-it notes are a good source) and roll a new liner.

Adult Content Warning

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