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Water Based

Water-based Lubricants are the safest option for use with nearly every toy and condom (always check your lubricant bottle labels for positive confirmation though). Water-based lubricants are typically free of oils that may damage condoms or latex, and free of silicone. Some manufacturers may create blended lubricants that contain silicone and water-base, and in this case you’ll find them in the silicone lube category to ensure you are buying a lube that’s most compatible with your condoms and your toys.
We stock a large range of edible flavoured water-based lubes, warming, tingling, cooling and moisturising lubricants. If you require something specific, please feel free to contact us.

Water-based Lubricants that are compatible with condoms are also a GST-free item in Australia.

Please Note: Product Colours may vary from screen display. Prices may vary from our physical store in Kilkenny. For more info, please see our Terms & Conditions.

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