“Insertable Length” or “Usable Length” is just like it sounds – it’s the area of the toy that can be inserted into the vagina or anus. This excludes the control surface with buttons or dials, and is often 1-4 inches shorter than the total length of the toy.

Many manufacturers will state things like “7” Slimline Vibrator!” when in actuality, only 4.5″ is insertable or usable. We like to show the insertable length where possible to prevent customer dissatisfaction with regard to advertised length of a product.

In regard to masturbators and strokers for men, we like to show this same usable length as “Stroke Length”. Many strokers are only 3-5″ long and may not provide full internal stroke for men with larger members, and again to avoid disappointment we try where possible to advertise the actual usable length of the masturbator.

If you wish to, you can now use our new filters on the Shop Page in the side menu to find items in our store by “Insertable / Dildo Length”. You can select multiple filters so you can find for example; Pink, 7 Inch, Rechargeable items in our shop.

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