For a healthy, hygienic and safe sex toy experience you should always remember to cleanse your sex toy before and after every use with an antibacterial cleaner.

Why clean my sex toy before – Isn’t it clean from last time?

Many people do not store their sex toys in a dust-free case or storage bag. Dust and contact with other items can gather dust and residues on your toy. Depending on how long between uses of your toy, this could be substantial and create a grimy, dusty surface on your toy which will not be pleasant or healthy to use on your most sensitive parts!

How should I clean my toy?

Always refer to your manufacturers directions for toy care and cleaning first – while we provide generalised advice, every toy is different and may require special treatment.

In the absence of instruction use the following as a guide for cleansing your toy:

  • Don’t use soaps or cleansers that contain large amounts of essential oils – these oils can damage many products beyond repair just like massage oils can.
  • Use a mild antibacterial hand-wash or body-wash, rinse and pat-dry with a lint-free cloth or dry face-washer. Leave to air-dry.
  • You may want to spray with a gentle antibacterial sanitiser spray after the first wash, and allow it to evaporate or wipe free with a clean lint-free cloth.


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