Rend-S – R1 Starter Kit


Rend-S Starter Kit with Controller pack and “Bach Rotor” High-Powered Vibrating Egg attachment.

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R-1 is the generic name for various products & attachments that can be used together with the R-1 controller. The high-technology R-1 controller maximizes their abilities for greater stimulation and opens up for ways new exciting play. The attachments which are sold separately make it possible for users to specifically choose what they want, and stay low on the expenses. Thanks to this we as developers can also reduce the cost and make even more attachments faster. This unique technology is only to be found at RENDS.

R1 Starter Kit includes:

  • R1 Controller
  • Bach Rotor


R-1 Controller:

Data typed attachments control: R-1 controller reads IC chip data built-in to each attachment and controls it to express the most suitable motion in accordance with their characteristics.

The Bach Rotor:

By the high speed rotation and our original vibrating object which is customised by the data of analysing the ratio of motor and weight, this rotor can produce twice as strong as the conventional rotor. It has a unique dimple cavity in the tip to house the clitoris and focus vibes on this spot.

The Bach Rotor can express 7 different power patterns and 7 different vibration patters, plus a turbo mode, totally out at 50 different expressions!

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