XX-Dreamstoys – Ultra Realistic Body Form With Vagina – Medium (Light Flesh)


Light Flesh size Medium Silicone Body Form with realistic Vagina. The Vaginal entrance can be used for intercourse, and there is a tube for realistic urination for penis owners.

This item only available for in-store purchase.

Realistic looking vagina and details. Highly stretchable and comfortable. Butt lifting effect. User with weight greater than 100kg or height greater than 190cm is not suggested to use this product. Powder on the product to keep it dry, please be aware it is not dirt!

  • Size: M
  • Weight:1,65 kg
  • Waistline: 60 cm
  • Hipline: 88 cm
  • Thigh grith: 50 cm
  • Total length: 31 cm


  • Dimensions packaging height (mm):85.0
  • Dimensions packaging length (mm):320.0
  • Dimensions packaging width (mm):320.0
  • Material:Silicone
  • Weight including packaging (Kg):2.53

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