Cottelli – Silicone Breasts Bra Inserts – 1000g Each (Light Flesh)


1000g Silicone Breasts to increase bust. (1000g each)

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Up to 4 cup sizes bigger!
These supple, aesthetically pleasing silicon breasts create an impressive bust or a breath-taking cleavage. The inserts have a small indentation at the back that gets placed over your breasts so that they fit perfectly. They fit discreetly inside your bra. The material warms up to body temperature once it comes in contact with your skin.

Beyond the simple and familiar “chicken fillet” insert, these are more detailed and feature a detailed nipple which can be visible through your clothing or lingerie of choice.

  • 1 pair of Silicone Breast inserts
  • Weight per breast 1000g (1Kg)
  • Total Weight 2000g (2Kg)

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