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Genie in a Bottle – Slip and Slide


Build your stamina and discover hidden sensations with this masturbator genie in a bottle.

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Test your stamina with this ultra tight, super slippery Water Genie. Load it with slick, long-lasting silicone lube and it will stay wet all night, even in the shower, safe, fun and perfect for pushing up your staying power.

Press yourself into this tight, wet hole as the hot water splashes down all around you. The beaded walls provide intense pleasure from all sides, just wide enough to let you push through with each penetrating thrust. The micro-ridged canal stimulates you from all sides, massaging almost your entire length with tight wet bliss. This masturbator has a soft, damp and realistic internal structure, load it with a special lubricant to create your own sensations.

Made from TPE, its hypoallergenic and phthalate free, One use only, 6.75″ (17cm) long

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