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Shots – S-Line Dicky Soap with Balls (Vanilla Scented)
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Shots – S-Line Dicky Soap with Balls (Vanilla Scented)


Vanilla Scented Dicky with Balls Novelty Soap. 18cm Tall.

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This DICKY SOAP WITH BALLS will definitely get you in a lather! 
Washing your hands has never been so much fun! This solid soapy dick will make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Just add water and rub your hands up and down the length to get yourself lathered up for a clean body and dirty mind all at once!

They stand 18cm (7.1″) tall and have a diameter of 3.5cm (1.4″) with a sturdy “ball”-base of 7.3cm (2.9″) in diameter.

  • Vanilla Scented!

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