Sexuality is a deeply personal thing. While open discussion of sexuality is healthy and we embrace it – many people do not want to advertise their sexual preferences publicly. We have the utmost respect for this, and our customers have a right to their privacy while making their purchases at Black Knight Erotica.

We take this Right to Customer Privacy very seriously, and for this reason, we have placed a ban on all mobile phone use in the store.

This is to prevent other customers privacy being breached by unthinking use of modern technology. Almost every phone now has a high resolution camera installed on it.

In this age of “Selfies” and Smartphone Apps for the purpose of sharing instantly those photos with the world at large on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat, we see this as being a serious risk to customer privacy, and ask that you please not use your mobile phones in the store.

While you may want to post a Selfie with a product, send it to your friends and have a good laugh – what happens when someone gets caught in the background of your shot? Then it appears on Facebook, someone recognises this person and their privacy has now been breached in a very public, very permanent way.

If you need to use a banking app to transfer money for a purchase, please consult our staff at the counter while paying for your product, otherwise, please respect every customers privacy by keeping your phone in your bag or pocket for the duration of your visit to the store. Thank you.

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Respect other Customers Privacy – No Phone Use In Store Please

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