Nope! Enough Free Batteries to run all toys purchased will be included with your order courtesy of Black Knight Erotica!

Please note that due to freight / shipping / postage regulations, batteries will be shipped separate from the battery compartment, usually in a paper bag. The exception to this rule is when a battery stopper tab is installed for sealed battery operated items such as bullet vibrators and vibrating cock rings with button cell batteries.
These particular items are safe for shipping with batteries as the product cannot inadvertently turn on, flatten batteries, damage the product or heat up to a dangerous degree because the electrical circuit is blocked by a small tab of plastic (This tab must be removed upon opening and preparing to use the product – see our troubleshooting page for detailed instructions).

When making an in-store purchase your batteries may be left in the toy after testing.

Always make sure you remove batteries from your toys in between uses to ensure if they leak battery acid or burst that they will not damage your toy or cause skin irritation in sensitive areas. Avoid using any product with crusty white powder inside the battery compartment or around the ends of battery contacts. For small “button” cells or “watch” batteries, you can tell if a battery is leaking or damaged because it will swell up and begin to get a crown or outward curve to the flat surface of the battery.


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