Let’s talk about Travel Locks.

Many toys now come with a “Travel Lock” function – this is designed so that toys do no inadvertently switch on by the touch of a single button. In situations where embarrassment or “social concerns” may play a role (read: Airports, Stowed Luggage, TSAs) they can be useful.

But in first testing a toy or getting it working, this can often be overlooked and very frustrating. Many toys – primarily rechargeable – will ship with the travel lock switched on, to prevent unintended operation of the toy during freight or international shipping to retailers. This is because rechargeable toys are checked at the factory for Quality Control, and thus may retain some factory charge. Some toys may thrust or move, or in some cases heat up to 40ºC – something you don’t want happening during freight transit!

So, they may enable travel lock at the factory once Quality Control testing is complete.

Disabling your Travel Lock

Disabling Travel Locks almost always requires a two buttons being pushed and held down for an extended amount of time – something like 6-14 seconds. Every toy is different, so please see your manual. Check your manual and product information on your toys’ Travel Lock as it will require pushing a special button combination of two or more keys/buttons at once, and held down for a specific period of seconds detailed in your products’ documentation, manual or information sheet.

In the case of some chinese import toys, these manuals may be less than clear about exact procedures. In this case please give us a call on 0884457911 and we’ll see if we can assist you.

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