PVC and TPR Products should be stored separately!

PVC and TPR Products should be stored separately!


PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) toys in particular need to be stored in a separate storage area or bag to ensure that it does not interact chemically with other products.

Most products are usually pretty good about this, however in PVC’s case one must careful:

PRIMARY: ALWAYS avoid contact between PVC and TPR products! These will almost certainly cause one or both to discolour, soften, or completely MELT! 

Also note that many remote control cables to your eggs or bullets, and sometimes even USB recharge cables are sheathed or insulated using PVC coating. To guarantee no damage, you should avoid storing these alongside your TPR products.

PVC may also be used for Faux-Leather look items or Wet Look Items such as strap-on harness belts or straps, ball gag straps or on some lingerie and clubwear. Though this type of PVC is not quite as reactive as say a butt plug, dong or cock ring, it may still be a concern for chemical conflict.
Generally if a product features an integrated TPR item then the manufacturer would use compatible materials – but for example a strap-on harness may be able to mount a TPR dong, which if stored together for long periods with the PVC harness MAY cause adverse material conflict.

The simplest recommendation here is to use included satin storage bags for vibrators, store separately in compartments of a toy chest, or in separate drawers of a bedside table or cabinet if you think they will be in conflict.

Silicone Products

One point of contention in the adult toy industry has been silicone products. The rise of popularity of silicone products since the 2000s has given way to many “imposters” along the way. Some cheaper manufacturers of toys claimed their products were silicone when they were not – particularly when toys were “jelly” or a clear / see-through colour and claimed to be silicone – they may have in fact not been a pure silicone, or involved inferior solvents to soften the plastics chemical nature. These are referred to as “Phthalates”. You will often see products now stating they are phthalate-free.

The safest Silicone around in recent years is “Medical Grade” which has been used in medical devices for it’s reduced risk of causing reactions with other materials such as plastics, nylons, etc and to replace natural rubbers which may also cause allergic reactions such as latex.

In recent years the availability and use of “platinum cure” and “medical grade” silicones for manufacturing processes has increased, and now many toys made from silicone are made from this superior product.

Silicone conflict:

The older silicone products referenced above that are clear jelly style silicone are much more likely to be affected by silicone lubricants, so we definitely recommend a water-based lubricant for these products.

While we always recommend NOT using silicone lubricants with silicone products, many times a “Medical Grade Silicone” will not actually be affected by silicone lubricants. The other factor is if toys are put away without being thoroughly washed, then the risk of the silicone product and lubricant “becoming one” or causing a melting or softening is greatly increased.

If you’re not concerned about the lifetime of your silicone product, then you may get away with using silicone lube with your silicone toy – and washing it thoroughly afterward (which you should always do for hygiene!).

If you experience any negative material reactions such as the product “sweating” or “leeching” small amounts of unidentified fluids from the toy after it’s been washed, dried and put away for a while, then your product may be in the process of breaking down, and beware that you may be harmed by these chemicals leeching out. If this is the case: we strongly recommend replacing the toy and reviewing your storage procedures, and/or ceasing use of silicone lubricant with this type of toy.

If your cable sheath – such as some modern USB charge cables – is particularly soft, or has a velvety, rubbery feel and a matte finish, then these are possibly silicone too, so bear this in mind for material care.

Chemical Sensitivities and Allergy

We attempt wherever possible to disclose the material used in products – primarily for customers who have identified chemical sensitivity or allergies. However some customers will simply favour a certain material over another due to it’s properties.

In the case of products made from or containing Latex or suspected Latex, we may provide a warning in the product description, tag the product with a keyword, and/or identify the material as a product attribute which can be used on the Advanced Product Search page. If you have a confirmed Latex Allergy, please always check the Material section on the main product page under the tab labelled “Additional Information” (Pictured Below)

On a Product page, you can find the material details in the tab labelled "Additional Information".

On a Product page, you can find the material details in the tab labelled “Additional Information”.


If you are concerned about chemical sensitivity or allergy, then we recommend only buying a Glass or Stainless steel product as these are the most hypoallergenic materials available on the market. If you’re concerned, and a product doesn’t disclose it’s component materials, then it should be avoided in this case.

Always consult a medical professional or specialist if you are concerned about a previous experience with a product or material or chemical. They may make recommendations about products or properties to avoid in future. Under no circumstances will Black Knight Erotica be held responsible for adverse affects experienced by customers in using any products we sell. The materials information provided on Black Knight Website is only as accurate as the manufacturers information provided (if any). Any negative results from use of the products we sell should be taken up with the product manufacturer directly.


In summation – generally, modern materials of toys have greatly improved in terms of chemical inertness. However, good storage and care procedures are always prudent for health, safety, hygiene and lifetime of your toy.

ALWAYS clean your Toys BEFORE AND AFTER USE. This is essential for health, safety and hygiene primarily, but will also reduce any risks due to chemical breakdown or conflict of products.


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