Shop Settings

Advanced Product Search

Here you can use multiple keyword tags and attributes like colour or size to filter the entire shop.

Advanced Search Page is being removed...

We are removing the “Advanced Search Page” as the performance of that system was so poor over the some 15,000 products in the database. We believe with this many products that a decent and speedy filtering of the shop is essential for your efficient shopping experience.

We have moved the options for filtering the shop back into the slide-in menu to the right, which you can access by clicking or tapping “Menu” icon with the 3 bars in the top right-hand corner of the site.

Please note, not all the “filters” will show on other pages of the site, to see them all simply visit the “Shop” page and open the menu and progressively choose your filters one by one.

Also Note: The method used is “AND” so for instance if you choose “Blue” items then choose “6 inch” as well, it will only show 6 inch items that are also Blue, not all blue items and all 6 inch items. We believe this is the most logical display method when refining the attributes of products.

If you feel different, and would like to see the old system return even though it was slow and buggy, please fling us an email at at and let us know!