Icon Brands – Wild Rose Tonguing Thrusting Dual Stimulator (Red)


Red Rose shaped Clitoral stimulator with 10-speed licking tongue action and a 10-speed thrusting vaginal probe joined to the rose with a soft flexible connector.

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Here’s an interesting fact you won’t learn on TikTok! The tonguing and thrusting rose is the third most popular style of roses next to the original model, yet there’s only one on the market, and it’s 50% more than ours! 50% more! And ours is the same model as theirs! True!

Why is it so popular? That’s easy…the vibrating, flicking tongue motion has the feel and speeds of a real tongue, but with the added intensity of lighting fast vibration. Covered in 100% silky silicone, the sensation is simply indescribable. At the other end of its long silicone “stem,” is a 10-speed thrusting vibrator that provides the penetration so many women favour before or after external stimulation. In other words, this 100% silicone beauty is just like a real partner, only it lets you finish first 😉

The vibrating tongue is surrounded by a virtual bouquet of soft silicone “petals” that also vibrate, providing wonderful labial stimulation. It’s attached to the thruster by a soft fully-silicone tether for convenient combined play. And yes it’s water-submersible, so it travels from bed to bath with ease. (It’s even magnetically rechargeable, with a USB charger included of course.)

– 10-speed thrusting vibrator
– 10-speed tonguing rose
– Separate motors for separate control
– LED-buttons illuminate, for easy nighttime play
– Silky-smooth medical grade silicone throughout (Phthalate and latex-free)
– Waterproof and submersible
– Convenient magnetic recharger; USB cable included
– Materials: 100% medical grade silicone, with two small silvered trim pieces
– Colour: Icon’s exclusive lipstick-red
– Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.

– Weight: 156 grams
– Overall Length: 35 cm
– Rose Width: 5.6 cm
– Thruster: 9.5 cm

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