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Nick Hawk – GIGOLO Kegel Balls


Stainless Steel Kegel Balls

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These two perfectly weighted, seamless, stainless steel balls are from the Nick Hawk Gigolo collection.
Using these Kegel Balls are a great way to gain increased sexual awareness, moving around while wearing them creates a pleasant, subtle feeling of pleasure as they naturally stimulate the vaginal area by gently vibrating and jiggling. These classic Kegel Balls will inspire voluntary contractions of the vaginal muscles, which, over time, help strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, control and orgasm enhancement.
Incredibly discreet, you can wear them unknown to anyone, allowing forĀ  a completely secret, pleasurable workout.Body safe, phthalate free and extremely hygienic, the non-tarnishing, nickel free stainless steel material making up the Kegel Balls is hypoallergenic and perfect for users with sensitive skin. Steel also warms quickly and naturally to match body temperature with touch and play, soak the balls in warm or cool water before insertion to make the most out of this feature, the Kegel Balls are 1.2oz (34g) each, or 2.4oz (68g) combined and 2cm in diametre