Screaming O – Orbit Plus


White Dual Motor Double Cock Ring with Ball Sling and Mega Clitoral Stimulator for Her!

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The Orbit Plus is a stretchy vibrating double ring that provides out-of-this-world orgasms for him and her! Featuring a top ring for the penis and a bottom ring to stabilize the testicles, the Orbit Plus promotes super-galactic erections that stay harder longer and powerful vibration to help her reach orgasm every time!

This sleek dual-ring shape features an extended apex motor that maintains full contact with the clitoris for essential stimulation she needs. Its bottom “stabilizer” ring features a single-speed motor that provides powerful perineum massage and helps keep him from blasting off too early. Simply stretch the top ring around the shaft and the bottom ring around the testicles – they will feel tight and snug – and position the motors where they feel comfortable. The firm fit slows blood flow to the penis to help keep him harder and last longer with more intense orgasms.

Couples can toggle through the top motor’s 3 warp speeds plus a pulsar vibration to tease, please and turn the bottom motor on and off with easy. Use them together to accelerate the experience and enjoy astronomical orgasms and more exciting sex!

  • Vibrating double ring for an out-of-this-world encounter!
  • Top “rocket” motor feat. 3 warp speeds + pulsar vibration
  • Bottom single-speed “stabilizer” motor stimulates his sweet spot
  • Stretchy bottom “cargo hold” ring creates more intense orgasms

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