Rocks Off Toys – Dr Rocco’s The Cox’s Cog (Pearlescent Black-Gold)


Cox’s Cog Steampunk Cock Ring

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Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium presents

The Cox’s Cog

Dr Rocco will take you on an adventure deep into your imagination. Feast your eyes on gadgets and remarkable devices that will excite, titillate and satisfy the most adventurous sexual appetites.

Uniquely crafted to time-span the ages for a truly orgasmic fantasy romp! Time to lace up your corsets, hang on to your boot straps and enjoy the ride.

Make ready to Square up your blade and row hard!

  • Fashioned for ultimate pleasure
  • Flexible gentleman’s C ring
  • Firm hold
  • Body safe
  • Inner Un-Stretched Diameter: 1.4″ / 3.5cm

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