Perfect Fit – Jock Armour – XL Waistband (Black)


Size XL Waistband (37″-39″) – Jock Armour Strap-On Cock Ring and Scrotum Enhancer – Bigger erections, last longer, maintain comfort!

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Jock Armour is a combination Jock Strap/Cock Ring – hybrid gear that defies categorization. The high quality elastic Jock Strap snaps on to a contoured body-fit cock ring that hugs your torso and pushes your gear away from your body. Wear it under a tight pair of jeans for an even bigger and thicker looking package.  The core of this new jock is the cock ring which is an integrated part of the jockstrap. Jock Armour delivers all day comfort and features a perineum bulb at the base for that extra surprise jolt of pleasure! Jock Armour features striking etched details which adds to the overall sexiness of the jock.

Jock Armour is made of PF Blend which is a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. The waistband is made of 52% polyester, 31% nylon or polyamide, and 17% elastic.  The opening of the ring is (1.7”/38mm).  Jock Armour is safe with water based lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Sizing Chart

  • Small is for waist sizes 28-30 inches.
  • Medium is for waist sizes 31-33 inches.
  • Large is for waist sizes 34-36 inches.
  • Extra Large is for waist sizes 37-39 inches.

Perfect Fit Brand Products are sold, and intended for use strictly as adult novelty toys for entertainment. They are not intended for medical use and have not been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of these products.

Perfect Fit Brand Inc is the trademark and copyright owner, designer and manufacturer of all Jock Armour products.

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