Love To Love – “Hero Ring” Silicone Cockring (Teal)


Teal Adjustable Silicone Cock Ring with Dome Snap diameter adjustment between 3cm and 6cm.

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Treat yourself with a tailor-made pleasure with Hero Ring, the smartest adjustable cockring you’ll ever find.

Choose your button and strap it at the base of your penis or your testicles.
A light pressure will maintain the blood circulation to reinforce your erection and delay ejaculation.

Ultra-smooth and comfortable, Hero Ring will bring you to the most exquisite orgasms.


  • Adjustable for various stimulation
  • Maintains and prolongs erection
  • Ultra soft touch for best use
  • Extra comfort during use for exquisite orgasms


  • Silicone cockring
  • Stretchy & flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Product size :
    • Width: 4cm
    • Minimum Diameter: 3cm
    • Maximum Diameter: 6cm

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