Seven Creations – MOJO Zero Gravity 8″ Penis Pump (Smoke/Trans Black)


Smoke 8 Inch Penis Enlarger Pump with 3 Inch Diameter, hand pump bulb to provide vacuum and silicone pump sleeve.

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Penis Pump using Medical-Style Hand Pump Bulb to generate vacuum and engorge the penis to full levels and beyond. Use for erectile dysfunction or attaining a larger erection. Combine with a penis ring for massive erection for 20 minutes!

  • Silicone Hand Pump Bulb
  • Graduated 8 Inch Cylinder
  • Durable Silicone Hose & Pump Sleeve
  • Pump Cylinder Length: 8″ / 20cm
  • Pump Cylinder Diameter: 3″ / 7.6cm
  • ABS / Silicone

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