VërSpanken WaterWieners Inserts (Wavy)


VërSpanken Accessory: “Wavy” textured “WaterWiener” Inserts. (INSERTS ONLY – VerSpanken Frame Sold Separately)

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The VërSpanken is a very different approach to strokers – simulating the parting lips of a real vagina, the VerSpanken masturbator has twin silicone “WaterWiener” inserts housed in a clip-closed frame that allows for adjustable pressure on your member as you stroke.

Available in 3 differing textured WaterWieners: Smooth, Bumpy and Wavy. Measuring 5″ of strokeable lip area. Buy the other textures sold separately, then mix and match!

These Inserts are also Microwavable and Refrigerator friendly – so you can incorporate temperature play too!

This kit includes: 2 x “Wavy” WaterWiener inserts ready to go.

Also Available:

  • Bumpy WaterWieners Inserts
  • Smooth WaterWieners Inserts

Made from 100% recyclable materials.


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