Zumio – Zumio S Soft Tipped Clitoral Stimulator (Caress)


This new version of the Zumio – the “Caress” – offers all the functionality of the previous intense model, but with a shorter tip with soft silicone coating, providing a less intense and softer feel to it’s spiral motion. USB Rechargeable with a wireless charging cradle thats nightstand ready and gives you four hours runtime, 8 speed settings of intensity, travel lock function and IP67 Waterproof Rating.

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Looking for a totally new approach to female pleasure? The Zumio is an exciting new pleasure device that delivers exactly that. Designed by women, for women the Zumio uses a pinpoint massaging tip which oscillates in microscopic circles – just the way you’d use your finger during manual clitoral stimulation – to create targeted sensation – use it around the clitoris at first, then hit the button for explosive results! This NEW Zumio “Caress” Model features a shorter tip, making the circular motion smaller, and has a soft medical grade silicone coating, making the tip a little fatter for a softer, less intense feel. Women are saying they orgasm in less than 1 minute, with repeat orgasms in less than 10 minutes.

  • NEW “Caress” Model features a shorter tip with soft silicone coating, providing a softer contact point.
  • 8 Speed Settings for your perfect intensity
  • Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
  • USB Rechargeable
    • Cradle Induction charging – just drop it in the cradle and fall asleep in the afterglow without worrying about pins, cables and ports.
    • Charging time from low or flat – 16 hours
    • 4 hours runtime from each charge cycle!
  • Quiet Operation – great for any household – although your screams are a different story…
  • Solo or Partner play – explore his sensations too!
  • Slender Design
  • Comes with USB Cable, Charge Cradle, Storage Bag.
  • Travel Lockable to prevent accidental activation.
    • Disable or Enable by holding down the bottom (round) button for 6 seconds – Zumio will buzz twice to indicate when disabled.


When this version with the soft coated tip was released it was called the “Zumio Caress” – the line has since been retitled as the “Zumio S” for soft.

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