First Time – Love Beads (Purple)


Purple 10″ Long PVC Anal Beads with 8 Beads in Graduated size up to 18mm

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The First Time Fetish collection rolls out a set of user friendly beads that are sized perfectly for the beginner in anal exploration.

Starting off very small and manageable, the first bead of the strand is mere fractions of an inch and the 7 that follow increase in size very subtly and gradually, letting you to get accustomed to the new feeling of each with a nice long taper following. A big looped retrieval handle makes the Beads safe and easy to maneuver and keeps insertion and retrieval foolproof. Connected with flexible cord for the best placement, the sturdy feel is as great for solo use as it is for partners to use together.

The safe, phthalate free, PVC material is body friendly and hygienic, and you can use either a water or silicone based lubricant, 10″ (23.5cm) long, Pink or Purple



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