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Nick Hawk GIGOLO Sinful Desires Kit


Sinful Desires Kit is a perfect pairing of classic bondage, sensual deprivation, and anal stimulation

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The Nick Hawk Gigolo collection’s Sinful Desires Kit is a perfect pairing of classic bondage, sensual deprivation, and anal stimulation.
First up is a soft, sexy and strong love rope in hypoallergenic silicone. With over 20 feet (6mtrs) of pleasure, this silky restraint must-have was designed perfectly for both beginners and the experienced of rough and tough play, it’s super stretchy and very resilient, springing back to its original shape when tension is released. No matter how you choose to tie, loop or fasten it, the supple rope stays in place and won’t snap, it’s great for simply tying up wrists and ankles, but also works very well for more elaborate restraint creations.
The super smooth, hygienic silicone material feels pleasurably velvety against the skin, warming naturally to body temperature as you play, it won’t pull at body hair, and is ultra hygienic and safe for sensitive body surfaces.
Next is a great set of classic anal beads for lovers of backdoor pleasure. Extremely user friendly and ideal for a wide range of experience levels, the tiny beginner bead allows for a gentle, easy entry with the beads increasing in size till they reach the ring pull for easy extraction, they are tapered before and after each bead which aids in stretching and stimulating the anal canal. Made from a precise PVC material, the beads are nice and firm while the extra smooth connectors flexes for perfect positioning, the beads are are easy to clean and completely phthalates free. Water and silicone lube safe they are approx 21cm (9 3/4 inches) long.Finally, a blindfold rounds off this Sinful kit, it effectively blocks the sight for some exciting sensual feelings while heightening the other senses in anticipation, this classic blindfold is an absolute staple for any playful couple. The supple nylon feels silky against the skin as it sits comfortably on the face and is held in place with a stretchy elastic, one size fits most, Purple

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