Lovense – Tenera App Enabled Clitoral Suction Stimulator (Blue)


Blue Rechargeable Air Suction Clitoral stimulator with Bluetooth connection for Smartphone App support including the Lovense Remote app for Android and Apple iOS.

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Lovense Tenera App controlled clitoral suction stimulator is built for intense stimulation of the clitoris using air suction energy to produce a powerful vibe.

The suction can be programmed to 5 different levels with over 10 unique patterns for your pleasure. The suction gives an oral like sensation on the clitoris that will trigger mind-blowing orgasms.

The LOVENSE TENERA has the following features:
• Powerful Air Suction Technology – Delivers 5000 air pulses per minute
• Programmable Vibrations – With various vibration modes, you can choose from 5 suction levels and up to 10 patterns using the app
• Unlimited Lovense Remote App Possibilities – The device can be controlled using the smartphone app or Bluetooth
• Wide range of suction sensations for customized intense pleasure
• Designed for solo play, close range and long-distance control
• Sleek design and economical handle – the device is quite light and easy to hold during use
• IPX6 splashproof (Although as of 15/4/23 the Lovense FAQ page for Tenera states not to take it in the shower or bath, perhaps indicating an erroneous IP rating.)
• USB rechargeable
• Clitoral Nozzle Diameter: 0.44″ / 1.1cm

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