SCREAMING O – ReCharge Replacement Charged Cable


ReCharge Replacement Charged Cable for all models in the Screaming O “Charged” range of vibrators. 

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Lost or broken your charge cable for your Screaming O “Charged” toy? We have you covered with this replacement USB cable for any of the products in the “Charged” line including:

Positive Vibe, Big O, Moove, Toone, Vooom, You Turn Plus, O-Yeah Plus, My Secret Rechargeable Remote Panty Vibe, Charged Plug, Reach It!, Rub It, Scoop, Tri-It, Work-It!, FingO, Monarch, OWow!, Skooch, Yoga, Remote Bullet and Ring, OHare and may be compatible with newer additions to the “Charged” line.

USB Cable with 3.5mm Pin Jack style connector.

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