JoyDivision – BIOglide Safe Medical Lubricant with Carrageen (100 ml)


BioGlide Safe CO2 Neutral Lubricant with Carrageen – a natural barrier against cervical cancer and HPV (100ml Tube)

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Waterbased CO2 neutral carbon neutral lubricant also vegan with natural Carrageen barriers for HPV and Cervical Cancer.

BIOglide safe consists of Carrageenan, an extract from rich marine algae, an abundantly renewable ingredient with amazing potential health benefits. Besides its extraordinary thickening abilities, Carrageenan was found to be active against the range of common sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) types. Passed on during intercourse, HPV can result in cervix cancer and genital warts. Laboratory analysis revealed that carrageen inhibits the docking of the virus to the human cells!cancer and genital warts. Laboratory analysis revealed that carrageenan inhibits the docking of the virus to the human cells!

Those scientific findings were discovered by the research group of Dr. Schiller at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland (USA). Carrageenan was found to be a hundred times more effective than any other inhibitor, as it functions as a “natural barrier” against the virus. Commonly known as microbicide, it inhibits the infection of the vaginal mucosa with the sexually transmitted HPV.

The many benefits of BIOglide safe:

  • natural ingredients, natural pleasure: 100 % natural + vegan lubricant
  • Natural Product Standard approved by BDiH
  • dermatologically and clinically tested
  • BIOglide is CO2-neutral realized
  • Medical Product class 1
  • without animal testing

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