Electrastim – Electrastim Conductive Gel (60ml / 2oz Tube)


Electrastim Brand Conductive Gel for use with Electrostimulation / Electro-Stim toys that need a solid conductive contact with skin in order to transfer electricity cleanly.

60ml Tube.

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Get the most out of your external electrodes with this tube of conductive gel. Apply just a little to cock rings, scrotal bands, pinwheels, paddles, clamps and other external electrodes to experience clearer, more resonant stimulation.

When external electrodes are used without a special conductive gel, you may experience dulled sensation or no sensation at all! This gel contains a conductive ingredient that creates a better connection between your skin and the electrode.

Each tube contains 60ml of clear gel lubricant, providing you with dozens of uses. A little really does go a long way. You only need to apply a small film of electro-conductive gel to the contacts of your electrode for it to take effect.

For external use only.

60ml / 2oz Tube

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