Smart Wash – Torque – Unisex Anal Douche (220ml)


Black Large Capacity 220ml Unisex Anal Douche/Cleanser Bulb with smooth comfort nozzle tip. PVC Material.

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Smart Wash from Seven Creations is a large capacity Unisex Douche cleanser suitable for Anal cleansing. Made from Phthalate-Free PVC & PP Material, this douche is durable and long-lasting, with more resistance to bacterial buildup than porous rubbers which begin to crack over time. Nozzle features two spray holes opposite each other.

This douche is easy to clean, and with a larger 220ml fluid capacity, will allow for easy use and great results.

  • Unisex
  • Large Capacity 220ml Bulb
  • Smooth Covering
  • Smooth comfortable nozzle head
  • Easy-Grip Texture moulded into the bulb.
  • Phthalate-Free PVC & PP Material
  • Black

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