Stick a Dick – Pin the Tail on the Male (Geek Edition)


Geek Edition of “Pin the Tail on the Male” with 12 different hilarious penis stickers to pin on the geeky male poster. comes with party mask blindfold.

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This hilarious version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey game is re-imagined for the squawk-a-minute Hens Night you’ve been dreaming of! This edition is the geek edition, complete with glasses-clad geek which you can adorn with a variety of comical willies!

  • Glasses-Clad Geek poster giving two thumbs up
  • 12 Cute re-usable Sticker Dicks to pin on the male!
  • Blindfold for the “Male-Pinner” with crazy eyes for the bride-to-be or party victim
  • take it to town and Cut his head out, find a willing male to take the heat!
  • Perfect for bachelorette, hens and parties!
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