Little Genie – Spank Me! Card Game


Spank Me! Go Fish Card Game with an Adult Twist.

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Go Fish Card game with Adult twist.

“Spank Me” will have you giggling and your bottom jiggling as you play our hilarious party game. The play is a simple ‘Go Fish’ style game, but with our game, you don’t say go fish, you say Spank Me!

Our game will have you asking risque questions like: “Do you have nice knockers?” or “Do you have a wet pussy?” If your cheeks don’t get pink from laughter they will with the paddling you will receive if you can’t give your opponents the cards they’re looking for.


  • 91 card deck with
    • 80 matching cards
    • 10 special action cards
    • 10 winner rewards cards
    • 1 instruction card
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