Black Knight Erotica tests the operation of all Battery Operated Sex Toys before sale at the in-store counter, and before we ship Online Orders out. We do this to avoid customer disappointment and costs for returning faulty items for inspection.

This process of opening and testing the toy is performed with the utmost care and hygienic methods. All our staff wear un-powdered gloves (without donning agent) or a fresh bag sleeve for any handling of products. Any handling that may be required in order to confirm that all vibrating, rotating and thrusting modes are operating correctly is done in a strictly hygienic manner which is of the utmost importance to us at Black Knight Erotica.

Let us state categorically: We DO NOT Buy or Sell ANY; Second-hand toys, Returned items, DVD’s, CD’s, Magazines or Books. 

For those with hygienic concerns it is important to note that all toys used on or inside the body MUST be thoroughly washed with an antibacterial soap or cleanser before and after use – including first use out of the box – see our FAQ on “manufacturing residue on toys” for further information.


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