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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our store, our procedures and our products.

General FAQs on Black Knight Erotica

What is Proposition 65?

From the Proposition 65 Website:

“Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. By requiring that this information be provided, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.”

With over 900 chemicals on the list, it is inevitable that some adult manufacturers are indeed still utilising some of these chemicals in the manufacture, processing or resultant materials contained in their products. Many of the products which are required to warn consumers in California under Proposition 65 may contain very small levels or amounts of the identified chemicals, however assessment and analysis of these levels is beyond the scope of our duty as a retailer.

While not currently required under Australian Law to disclose the possible use of these listed materials in products we sell, we at Black Knight Erotica are continually dedicated to providing all the information we can regarding the materials of the products we stock, in order to allow our customers to make informed choices about their purchase.

While we may continue to stock products that have been identified or not yet identified as containing these harmful chemicals, we will however make these listed products known to our customers on our website using the Prop 65 warning attribute under the “Additional Details” tab on our individual product pages.

To find out if the product you are interested in has been listed as a Prop 65 item, do the following on the website:

  1. Visit the products’ individual product page by clicking or tapping on it from the list on the shop page
  2. Scroll down the single product page to the description section
  3. Click or tap the “Additional Details” tab. Under there you will see extra information attributes such as material and insertable length.
  4. Check if the item has an attribute marked “Prop 65” – if it does then we have been alerted to or noticed the Prop 65 warning on this product, and are informing you there.

If you are in-store and concerned about your product, then examine the packaging thoroughly and look for a “Prop 65” Warning in text form printed on the packaging, or in some cases of retroactively identified products, there may be a textual sticker warning of the Prop 65 listing on the product.

We will also be taking into consideration the Prop 65 listed products when performing future re-ordering from our distributors. We apologise if this creates a situation where products are unavailable at our store. We believe the upstream effect of retailers not stocking these products while they still contain potentially harmful materials and/or chemicals will make manufacturers consider making their products from safer materials in future.

Please note that while we are dedicated to the disclosure, we must wait for the independent identification and listing of these products, and for their manufacturers or our distributors to inform us of said listing before we can disclose this information. Black Knight Erotica will in no way be held responsible for manufacturers processes or materials, or the end user outcomes through the use of these products.


What does “Insertable Length” or “Usable Length” mean in the product descriptions?

“Insertable Length” or “Usable Length” is just like it sounds – it’s the area of the toy that can be inserted into the vagina or anus. This excludes the control surface with buttons or dials, and is often 1-4 inches shorter than the total length of the toy.

Many manufacturers will state things like “7” Slimline Vibrator!” when in actuality, only 4.5″ is insertable or usable. We like to show the insertable length where possible to prevent customer dissatisfaction with regard to advertised length of a product.

In regard to masturbators and strokers for men, we like to show this same usable length as “Stroke Length”. Many strokers are only 3-5″ long and may not provide full internal stroke for men with larger members, and again to avoid disappointment we try where possible to advertise the actual usable length of the masturbator.

If you wish to, you can now use our new filters on the Shop Page in the side menu to find items in our store by “Insertable / Dildo Length”. You can select multiple filters so you can find for example; Pink, 7 Inch, Rechargeable items in our shop.

Do I need to buy batteries with my toy?

Nope! Enough Free Batteries to run all toys purchased will be included with your order courtesy of Black Knight Erotica!

Please note that due to freight / shipping / postage regulations, batteries will be shipped separate from the battery compartment, usually in a paper bag. The exception to this rule is when a battery stopper tab is installed for sealed battery operated items such as bullet vibrators and vibrating cock rings with button cell batteries.
These particular items are safe for shipping with batteries as the product cannot inadvertently turn on, flatten batteries, damage the product or heat up to a dangerous degree because the electrical circuit is blocked by a small tab of plastic (This tab must be removed upon opening and preparing to use the product – see our troubleshooting page for detailed instructions).

When making an in-store purchase your batteries may be left in the toy after testing.

Always make sure you remove batteries from your toys in between uses to ensure if they leak battery acid or burst that they will not damage your toy or cause skin irritation in sensitive areas. Avoid using any product with crusty white powder inside the battery compartment or around the ends of battery contacts. For small “button” cells or “watch” batteries, you can tell if a battery is leaking or damaged because it will swell up and begin to get a crown or outward curve to the flat surface of the battery.


I was told not to use my phone in your shop – Why?

Sexuality is a deeply personal thing. While open discussion of sexuality is healthy and we embrace it – many people do not want to advertise their sexual preferences publicly. We have the utmost respect for this, and our customers have a right to their privacy while making their purchases at Black Knight Erotica.

We take this Right to Customer Privacy very seriously, and for this reason, we have placed a ban on all mobile phone use in the store.

This is to prevent other customers privacy being breached by unthinking use of modern technology. Almost every phone now has a high resolution camera installed on it.

In this age of “Selfies” and Smartphone Apps for the purpose of sharing instantly those photos with the world at large on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat, we see this as being a serious risk to customer privacy, and ask that you please not use your mobile phones in the store.

While you may want to post a Selfie with a product, send it to your friends and have a good laugh – what happens when someone gets caught in the background of your shot? Then it appears on Facebook, someone recognises this person and their privacy has now been breached in a very public, very permanent way.

If you need to use a banking app to transfer money for a purchase, please consult our staff at the counter while paying for your product, otherwise, please respect every customers privacy by keeping your phone in your bag or pocket for the duration of your visit to the store. Thank you.

Modified Image by Cory J - 2 Vector Images Originally Designed by FreePik:
Respect other Customers Privacy – No Phone Use In Store Please

Do you offer on-site parking?

Yes. We offer free on-site customer parking in an off-street carpark. Entrance is located on the Port Rd side of our premises just after the intersection with Kilkenny Rd. (Kilkenny is the continuation of David Tce.) if you’re coming from Arndale shopping centre.

Is your shop Wheelchair access friendly?

Yes! we are proud to offer a wheelchair friendly and gopher/shoprider friendly carpark and shop, with a layout that facilitates easy browsing from your wheelchair, electric wheelchair or shoprider gopher style cart.

What Lubricant can I use with my sex toy?

Choosing the right lubricant for your toy can be a daunting task as there are so many on the market, but generally speaking:

If you’re in doubt: Use a Water-Based Lubricant.

Most Water-Based Lubes contain No Silicone, No Oils and usually no other ingredients that cause problems with any toy materials. If your lube touts itself as having added essential oils or the like, then it may not be safe for all toys. As a general rule also don’t use baby oil or massage oils with toys – this will limit the possibility of not only damage to the “active” or insertable area of the toy, but also damage to buttons, controls and waterproofing seals that may cause longterm malfunction or negate the waterproofing.

Silicone Toys & Silicone Lube

Silicone lubricants have exploded in popularity over the years as a very long lasting lubricant that stays very slippery over long periods, however one drawback is that ironically they are not always compatible with silicone products.

Silicone sex toys are either completely constructed using silicone, or they have a silicone coating over the usable body of the toy. Unfortunately – and opposite to common misconception – Silicone lubricants are not always suitable for use with Silicone toys. Weird right? There’s a good reason – when it comes into extended contact with a silicone toy surface, Silicone lube may slowly degrade or melt the surface as they both try to become one. This effect can be as subtle as a distortion or discolouration of the surface, or as serious as completely melting the silicone and ruining the toy.

Even in the event of surface damage, the effect may be the nearly invisible “pitting” of the surface, which makes it more porous, and increases surface area where nasty bacteria can collect.

We recommend if you’re using silicone lube with silicone toys, that you wipe off most of the excess, and then very thoroughly wash your toy after use until no silicone is left on the product. Let it dry for quite a while, and then examine it in the light – if you see shininess or “sweating” then you may need to wash again more thoroughly, and leave to dry again and re-examine. The important thing here is not to leave the toy with silicone lube on the silicone surfaces when you put it away. Leaving the toy with silicone lube on it for extended periods will be most likely to cause melting or damage to the toy.

But I love my Silicone Lube!

If you’re concerned about chemical breakdown or damage to the lifetime of your toy, consider buying a toy that is not made from Silicone, or a toy that is confirmed as Medical Grade Silicone. ABS Plastic is pretty well impervious to everything, but not everybody likes that hard plastic feel – especially in anal toys where silicone lubes are used for unparalleled lubrication. For a silicone-safe product that’s more pliable or flexible, try something made from TPR or TPE. A PVC toy may also be safe but damage may still occur longterm depending on manufacturer and formula as they may blend other materials in proprietary formulas.

Glass, Ceramic and Stainless Steel or Aluminium toys are also perfect for use with silicone lubricants due to their hypoallergenic non-porous surface.

As always, thoroughly wash your toys BEFORE and AFTER using them. This is not only great for health and hygiene, but limits damage from lubes that may cause chemical breakdown while in storage for long periods.


Online Orders & Shipping FAQs

Do you ship to Parcel Lockers?

No, we no longer ship out to Parcel Lockers. Due to the high level of their use for fraud and lack of identification checks often involved we will not ship to Parcel Lockers.

If you place an order and then want it shipped to a parcel locker and the order is cancelled or refunded, please note that only a partial refund may be returned with a minimum 5% processing fee will be deducted.

Please note Rural Delivery boxes are exempt from this, but if you’re in doubt please place a note in the customer notes section. Note we may call you to follow up on such a note.


When will my online Order arrive?

Short answer: Usually 2-3 weekdays when shipped to a metro area. For Rural Areas, shipping may take longer.

We make all efforts to ensure web orders are dispatched quickly, however there are some considerations detailed here:

  • We only process Orders for postal delivery during the hours of Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 3pm as we must integrate with external Courier and Postal services.
  • We cannot ship orders on weekdays which are National or South Australian Public Holidays as we integrate with external postage and courier services.
  • Orders received before 3pm are usually processed the same day and if you are in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs and towns they will be received within the next 1-2 weekdays.
  • Please bear in mind that we ship orders within the metro area using Fastway courier services, and these are collected once daily from our shop in the afternoon. They are taken to the Fastway Depot and are usually delivered the following weekday.
  • Orders delivered to PO Boxes, Rural Delivery Boxes, Parcel Lockers, or if the address is outside of Adelaide Metro or Surrounding Suburbs must be shipped with Australia Post Standard Post and are subject to Australia Post service times.
  • USE YOUR REAL NAME when ordering online! We understand and value your privacy, but if the item is returned to the Fastway Courier Depot or to your local Australia Post Office, you may be required to present photo identification, and if it does not match the name on the parcel, you may be prevented from collecting your parcel, and then it may be returned to us, at which point you will have wasted your shipping costs as you will have to collect it from our store. We will NOT issue refunds or re-send packages if you use a pseudonym or fake name when ordering.

FASTWAY Couriers:

  • If no-one is home when the first attempt is made to deliver the parcel, then it may be returned to the depot. As with postal service, it is then up to the customer to collect from the depot.
  • However – there is only one depot for Fastway Couriers in Adelaide at Beverley, so we strongly recommend that you write in the “Customer Notes” during Checkout that the parcel may be left if no-one is home. This is then transferred to the courier as “Authority to Leave” or ATL. Unless this is present on the parcel, the couriers are obliged to return it to the depot.

If you are concerned about your Order not arriving and need a tracking number (if applicable), please email us at and we’ll send your AusPost or Fastway tracking number to you.

Do you ship orders Internationally?

No, We do not ship internationally – We only ship website orders within Australia. We offer free shipping anywhere in Australia for orders over $100!


I just received my Order and the product has been opened – what gives?

Black Knight Erotica tests the operation of all Battery Operated Sex Toys before sale at the in-store counter, and before we ship Online Orders out. We do this to avoid customer disappointment and costs for returning faulty items for inspection.

This process of opening and testing the toy is performed with the utmost care and hygienic methods. All our staff wear un-powdered gloves (without donning agent) or a fresh bag sleeve for any handling of products. Any handling that may be required in order to confirm that all vibrating, rotating and thrusting modes are operating correctly is done in a strictly hygienic manner which is of the utmost importance to us at Black Knight Erotica.

Let us state categorically: We DO NOT Buy or Sell ANY; Second-hand toys, Returned items, DVD’s, CD’s, Magazines or Books. 

For those with hygienic concerns it is important to note that all toys used on or inside the body MUST be thoroughly washed with an antibacterial soap or cleanser before and after use – including first use out of the box – see our FAQ on “manufacturing residue on toys” for further information.


Do you ship Online Orders discreetly?

Yes! We always ship your Online Orders in a “Fastway Courier” when in national metro and surrounding areas, and for rural areas or PO Boxes we use “Australia Post” Standard Postage satchels. Larger orders we ship in plain cardboard boxes using standard post.

Delivery Limitations and Caveats:

Please note that Fastway couriers cannot deliver to Australia Post Offices or PO Boxes. Fastway now (as of 2019-2020) use a network of businesses known as “Parcel Connect” to which your parcel can be left if no-one is at your premises. In many cases this is a local deli, newsagent, pharmacy etc. These locations are usually much closer than your local Fastway Parcel Depot, and save you travelling for pickup or requesting re-delivery which may incur a surcharge.

Authority to Leave:

With our Fastway courier service we can attach a “ATL” instruction or “Authority to Leave” on the parcel – the courier is then approved for the parcel to be left behind in the event you are not home when they arrive. If you wish for this to happen for your order, please leave this instruction in the “Order Notes” text field during checkout. You can supply optional information such as “Leave on verandah behind pot-plant” which we will transfer to the instructions on your parcel.

Black Knight Erotica will not be held responsible for losses incurred through ATL parcel instructions. If security of your parcel left at your premises is in doubt, we recommend NOT using ATL instructions, and simply pick up your package from your Local Parcel Connect agent or in the case of Rural Areas, from your local Australia Post outlet. Please note that in order to collect from these outlets you may be required to present photo identification to collect your parcel successfully that matches the customer information you gave to our website during your order. Using false names such as “John Doe” etc is not wise in case you cannot present matching photo ID at these outlets. Black Knight Erotica will not be responsible for re-shipping fees in the event of a rejected / returned package due to non-matching identification, and customers will be required to pay re-shipping fees even if you received Free Shipping from us.

Company and Address discretion on Parcels:

Our return address must be correct for Courier and Postage system compliance, however the name of the “Sender” is discreet and will say: “Kafcar Pty. Ltd.” and not anything like “Black Knight Erotica”.

If you have questions or concerns about shipping discretion or privacy, please feel free to give us a call at 088 445 7911 and discuss your concerns with our staff.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer ship to Parcel Lockers as the billing or shipping address. For more Information please see the Parcel Locker FAQ here.


Do you offer Free Shipping / Free Postage if I spend enough?

Yes! we offer Free Shipping anywhere in Australia for orders totalling $100AUD or over provided your order doesn’t contain any “Pickup Only” products. Free Shipping will become an option during checkout once your cart has $100 or over worth of items in it.

If your cart contains “pickup-only” products, it will default to store pickup only for the entire order. As of September 2020 we no longer allow pre-payment of pickup orders due to fraud. Ordering a pickup only item will then also require payment to be made in-store using cash or by inserting a card only (no Paywave).

Look for this “Free Shipping” Logo under the shipping method section of the “Checkout” Page. Simply click or tap this icon during checkout to select free shipping for your order.

For more information on our discreet shipping methods and delivery, please read the FAQ on Discreet Shipping.


“Free Shipping” will be sent using Fastway Couriers when your shipping address is within a major metro area. If your shipping address falls outside a metro area, or your address is a PO Box or RD Rural Box then your order will be shipped using Australia Post Standard postage only, not Express post.

“Free Shipping” is limited to the first time the package is sent by us – in the event the item is lost in transit, rejected and sent back, or in the event you are unable to collect from a parcel connect agent or Australia Post Office due to your photo ID not matching the information you provided to us in the order, you will be required to pay re-shipping fees through our website before the order is sent again. We strongly advise using your real name, address and contact information to avoid this situation.


Black Knight Erotica Offers Free Shipping anywhere in Australia for Orders over $100!
Black Knight Erotica Offers Free Shipping anywhere in Australia for Orders over $100!

Product Issues

Help! My Vibrator doesn’t seem to work!

There are a number of possible reasons why a vibrator stops working or will not turn on. While this is a very detailed subject, there is often a handful of reasons why it won’t turn on.  In order to get your bedroom heating up tonight – we recommend you check the following items first:

Battery Operated Toys:

  1. Check the Battery Compartment is closed reasonably tight:
    • Many “Waterproof” or “Splashproof” sex toys have a small silicone O-Ring between the battery cap or controller cap and the body of the toy. If the Cap is a screw on type, please check that the cap is screwed on reasonably tight against the silicone seal. Toys are designed so that unless this is tightened sufficiently, the batteries will not make contact and the toy will not power on.
  2. Is it a vibrating cock ring or a bullet style vibrator?
    • If you have a small bullet vibrator, or a vibrating cock ring, a p-spot massager or small dong  (which often have a removable bullet) then these often take a stack of small button-cell batteries (watch batteries). In this case you may need to check the compartment for a “battery safety tab“. These are small tabs of plasticised paper which block the electrical current through the batteries and prevent it switching on in transit. This is the equivalent of a “travel lock” for lower-priced battery operated toys. The battery safety tab should be removed to allow the circuit to be completed and power to flow through the device. See our detailed instructions on Battery Safety Tabs here.
  3. Check Battery direction:
    • Usually the contact in the battery compartment that has a “spring” or “coiled” end should touch the “negative”/ “-” or flat end of the battery.
      • If two batteries such as AA, AAA’s sit side by side, then they should usually be alternating direction – one flat end up(negative up), one stud end up (positive up).
      • If that doesn’t work, try reversing their direction, and then try them with both batteries facing the same way in case their design is different.
    • In variable speed “twist dial” vibrators, where the batteries are stacked on top of one another, they should go in the same direction, usually with the flat end or “negative” end facing up towards the end-cap with the dial.
  4. Try changing batteries.
    • Sometimes batteries go flat, or a toy may use more power than another toy, so always try a fresh set of batteries and then check your battery direction.
      • We recommend a “Regular Duty”, Non-Rechargeable Battery. Heavy Duty Batteries and rechargeable batteries may deliver a different mA (Milli-ampere) current and ‘over-power’ the device, possibly causing damage but mostly causing failure to turn on or operate correctly.

Rechargeable Toys:

  1. First thing’s First: Unplug the charger cable from the toy:
    • MOST rechargeable sex toys will NOT turn on while the charge cable is connected! It is tempting to try and turn it on as soon as it’s charged, but always remove your charge cable before testing.
      • Unlike smarter devices like phones and tablets, Charging and Operating are two very separate modes for most sex toys, if a toys senses the charge pins are plugged in, it will most likely go into charge mode sometimes whether it’s receiving power or not.
  2. Before we get into possible issues with toy, let’s talk about Travel Locks.
    • Many toys come with a “Travel Lock” – this is designed so that toys do no inadvertently switch on by the touch of a single button – in situations where embarrassment or “social concerns” may enter into the situation (read: Airports, Stowed Luggage, TSA) they can be useful. But in first testing a toy, this can often be overlooked and very frustrating.
    • Check your manual and product information on Travel Locks as it can require that the lock be disabled first using a special button combination of two or more keys/buttons at once.
    • Disable the Travel Lock in accordance with your manual. If the device will still not power on, continue reading below.
  3. Always check the toys’ charge time. Ensure charge time is reached but not heavily exceeded. Overcharging my generate excessive heat which may either damage the device or trip it’s temperature sensor to switch itself off.
  4. Check the charger power supply end:
    • Most rechargeable toys are now charged via a USB Port (Universal Serial Bus) such as is found on your computer, phone charger, TV  or Car Stereo or entertainment unit.
      • It is important to note that while the USB port looks the same, that not all USB chargers or devices supply the same amperage or power level (milliamps/ma/maH) to your toy for charging.
        • If your toy has been on charge for the required amount of charge time shown in the toy instructions or manual but will not turn on, you may want to try charging it from another USB outlet. Important: using Keyboard and Display/Monitor mounted USB ports or the port in a car stereo may not always deliver enough power to charge. Try a AC Wall-Plug like your smartphone or tablet charger to deliver higher voltage.
      • Check all ports are clean and free of dust, lint, sticky substances and other things that may block all contacts in the USB from connecting properly.
  5. Check the toy end:
    • Many waterproofed toys utilise a small hole through the silicone casing which closes up to become watertight when the charging pin is removed.
      • This charging pin (looks like a Headphone jack, sometimes a bit smaller) should be inserted through the small dot/hole usually marked “DC” (Direct Current)
    • If your toy has a magnetic charge connector as many do, it will have two contacts – sometimes dots, sometimes a shape like a logo or a smiley face.
      • Ensure that both these contacts are touching during charging and that the toy isn’t bumped or the cable pulled on during charge. This should ensure uninterrupted charge of your toy.
  6. Still not working?
    • Check the manual with your sex toy to verify what – if any – feedback the item offers regarding the current state of battery charge.
      • Some deluxe products will offer a flashing indicator light while trying to turn the toy which indicates it’s battery is low or flat.
      • If you are receiving no indication, no motor activity or standby led lights, then your toy may not be taking charge or not storing it, or the control chips or motor may be faulty. You should contact us by email or phone regarding your options for replacement or store credit AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please note while calling the store you should show your Caller ID.
    • Please note: Black Knight will only consider offering replacement or store credit of toys that are confirmed faulty by us within 30 days of purchase (upon proof of purchase).
    • We encourage all customers to register their product with the manufacturer as soon as possible after purchase to ensure they receive any replacement under warranty that may be offered by the manufacturer.


What is a Travel Lock? How do I disable it?

Let’s talk about Travel Locks.

Many toys now come with a “Travel Lock” function – this is designed so that toys do no inadvertently switch on by the touch of a single button. In situations where embarrassment or “social concerns” may play a role (read: Airports, Stowed Luggage, TSAs) they can be useful.

But in first testing a toy or getting it working, this can often be overlooked and very frustrating. Many toys – primarily rechargeable – will ship with the travel lock switched on, to prevent unintended operation of the toy during freight or international shipping to retailers. This is because rechargeable toys are checked at the factory for Quality Control, and thus may retain some factory charge. Some toys may thrust or move, or in some cases heat up to 40ºC – something you don’t want happening during freight transit!

So, they may enable travel lock at the factory once Quality Control testing is complete.

Disabling your Travel Lock

Disabling Travel Locks almost always requires a two buttons being pushed and held down for an extended amount of time – something like 6-14 seconds. Every toy is different, so please see your manual. Check your manual and product information on your toys’ Travel Lock as it will require pushing a special button combination of two or more keys/buttons at once, and held down for a specific period of seconds detailed in your products’ documentation, manual or information sheet.

In the case of some chinese import toys, these manuals may be less than clear about exact procedures. In this case please give us a call on 0884457911 and we’ll see if we can assist you.

Toy Maintenance & Care

Toy Cleaning

For a healthy, hygienic and safe sex toy experience you should always remember to cleanse your sex toy before and after every use with an antibacterial cleaner.

Why clean my sex toy before – Isn’t it clean from last time?

Many people do not store their sex toys in a dust-free case or storage bag. Dust and contact with other items can gather dust and residues on your toy. Depending on how long between uses of your toy, this could be substantial and create a grimy, dusty surface on your toy which will not be pleasant or healthy to use on your most sensitive parts!

How should I clean my toy?

Always refer to your manufacturers directions for toy care and cleaning first – while we provide generalised advice, every toy is different and may require special treatment.

In the absence of instruction use the following as a guide for cleansing your toy:

  • Don’t use soaps or cleansers that contain large amounts of essential oils – these oils can damage many products beyond repair just like massage oils can.
  • Use a mild antibacterial hand-wash or body-wash, rinse and pat-dry with a lint-free cloth or dry face-washer. Leave to air-dry.
  • You may want to spray with a gentle antibacterial sanitiser spray after the first wash, and allow it to evaporate or wipe free with a clean lint-free cloth.


We sell many different brands of toy cleaner online and in-store – you can see them here


Toy Storage & Material Conflict

PVC and TPR Products should be stored separately!
PVC and TPR Products should be stored separately!


PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) toys in particular need to be stored in a separate storage area or bag to ensure that it does not interact chemically with other products.

Most products are usually pretty good about this, however in PVC’s case one must careful:

PRIMARY: ALWAYS avoid contact between PVC and TPR products! These will almost certainly cause one or both to discolour, soften, or completely MELT! 

Also note that many remote control cables to your eggs or bullets, and sometimes even USB recharge cables are sheathed or insulated using PVC coating. To guarantee no damage, you should avoid storing these alongside your TPR products.

PVC may also be used for Faux-Leather look items or Wet Look Items such as strap-on harness belts or straps, ball gag straps or on some lingerie and clubwear. Though this type of PVC is not quite as reactive as say a butt plug, dong or cock ring, it may still be a concern for chemical conflict.
Generally if a product features an integrated TPR item then the manufacturer would use compatible materials – but for example a strap-on harness may be able to mount a TPR dong, which if stored together for long periods with the PVC harness MAY cause adverse material conflict.

The simplest recommendation here is to use included satin storage bags for vibrators, store separately in compartments of a toy chest, or in separate drawers of a bedside table or cabinet if you think they will be in conflict.

Silicone Products

One point of contention in the adult toy industry has been silicone products. The rise of popularity of silicone products since the 2000s has given way to many “imposters” along the way. Some cheaper manufacturers of toys claimed their products were silicone when they were not – particularly when toys were “jelly” or a clear / see-through colour and claimed to be silicone – they may have in fact not been a pure silicone, or involved inferior solvents to soften the plastics chemical nature. These are referred to as “Phthalates”. You will often see products now stating they are phthalate-free.

The safest Silicone around in recent years is “Medical Grade” which has been used in medical devices for it’s reduced risk of causing reactions with other materials such as plastics, nylons, etc and to replace natural rubbers which may also cause allergic reactions such as latex.

In recent years the availability and use of “platinum cure” and “medical grade” silicones for manufacturing processes has increased, and now many toys made from silicone are made from this superior product.

Silicone conflict:

The older silicone products referenced above that are clear jelly style silicone are much more likely to be affected by silicone lubricants, so we definitely recommend a water-based lubricant for these products.

While we always recommend NOT using silicone lubricants with silicone products, many times a “Medical Grade Silicone” will not actually be affected by silicone lubricants. The other factor is if toys are put away without being thoroughly washed, then the risk of the silicone product and lubricant “becoming one” or causing a melting or softening is greatly increased.

If you’re not concerned about the lifetime of your silicone product, then you may get away with using silicone lube with your silicone toy – and washing it thoroughly afterward (which you should always do for hygiene!).

If you experience any negative material reactions such as the product “sweating” or “leeching” small amounts of unidentified fluids from the toy after it’s been washed, dried and put away for a while, then your product may be in the process of breaking down, and beware that you may be harmed by these chemicals leeching out. If this is the case: we strongly recommend replacing the toy and reviewing your storage procedures, and/or ceasing use of silicone lubricant with this type of toy.

If your cable sheath – such as some modern USB charge cables – is particularly soft, or has a velvety, rubbery feel and a matte finish, then these are possibly silicone too, so bear this in mind for material care.

Chemical Sensitivities and Allergy

We attempt wherever possible to disclose the material used in products – primarily for customers who have identified chemical sensitivity or allergies. However some customers will simply favour a certain material over another due to it’s properties.

In the case of products made from or containing Latex or suspected Latex, we may provide a warning in the product description, tag the product with a keyword, and/or identify the material as a product attribute which can be used on the Advanced Product Search page. If you have a confirmed Latex Allergy, please always check the Material section on the main product page under the tab labelled “Additional Information” (Pictured Below)

On a Product page, you can find the material details in the tab labelled "Additional Information".
On a Product page, you can find the material details in the tab labelled “Additional Information”.


If you are concerned about chemical sensitivity or allergy, then we recommend only buying a Glass or Stainless steel product as these are the most hypoallergenic materials available on the market. If you’re concerned, and a product doesn’t disclose it’s component materials, then it should be avoided in this case.

Always consult a medical professional or specialist if you are concerned about a previous experience with a product or material or chemical. They may make recommendations about products or properties to avoid in future. Under no circumstances will Black Knight Erotica be held responsible for adverse affects experienced by customers in using any products we sell. The materials information provided on Black Knight Website is only as accurate as the manufacturers information provided (if any). Any negative results from use of the products we sell should be taken up with the product manufacturer directly.


In summation – generally, modern materials of toys have greatly improved in terms of chemical inertness. However, good storage and care procedures are always prudent for health, safety, hygiene and lifetime of your toy.

ALWAYS clean your Toys BEFORE AND AFTER USE. This is essential for health, safety and hygiene primarily, but will also reduce any risks due to chemical breakdown or conflict of products.