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Fifty Shades of Grey – Something Forbidden Butt Plug


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This petite silicone butt plug is sized especially for beginners, the soft plug slips inside you to awaken new pleasure zones and enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Firm but flexible to ensure comfortable and satisfying stimulation, this silicone butt plug is ideal for anal experimentation and first time play. The slender tip and gently widening body is perfectly proportioned for first time exploration, offering a comfortable and deeply satisfying experience.

A finger loop at the base stops the plug from going anywhere it shouldn’t, and gives you total control of the plug to maximise stimulation during wear. Try twisting, gently tugging and rocking the plug for additional sensations. Both men and women will enjoy improved orgasmic response as your climactic contractions squeeze you tightly around the plug.

For ultimate satisfaction, lubricate the full length of the plug and yourself before insertion, helping the plug to easily glide inside you and maximising sensations during wear. Do not use a silicone based lubricant as this is  not compatible with the silicone plug, Waterproof, latex free, 4.25″ (11cm), comes with a special Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag


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