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Bijoux Indiscrets – Sunset Glow – Massage Oil

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100ml Shimmer Massage Oil

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Bijoux’s massage oil is smooth on your skin & delightful for all of your senses. The natural ingredients of the body oil makes you feel fabulous and pampers your skin.The massage oil is formulated to be delicate and sensitive which is perfect for all skin types. The body oil is mineral oil free, paraban free, sugar and gluten free.

The daylight may fade but the golden glow of the sun’s last rays on your skin will be yours with a stimulating massage infused with brightness.

Sunset Glow, with the delicious scent of caramel has amazing particles of gold to illuminate your curves, Immerse your senses in a bath of sensuality with this delicious kissable massage oil, it offers the skin an extra glow for a truly decadent massage, 100ml