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Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate

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These traditional Aphodisiac herbs are loved in Peru, Mexico & Brazil, share with a lover for an even better effect

All Natural Ingredients

Swiss grade Cocoa Powder
The cocoa bean from which chocolate is derived is native to South America. Cocoa has a well deserved reputation as an aphrodisiac as it increases serotonin and dopamine. There is a great synergy between cocoa and maca powder

Peruvian Maca
The Incas learned that as they grazed their herds in higher elevations, where Maca grows naturally, the herbs became healthier, with more stamina and much more sexually active, so the Incas included Maca in their diets and found Maca could help promote increased energy and stamina

Damiana, also called Turnera diffusa, is commonly known and used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Damiana has been used by the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisation as a tonic that improves sexual problems and overall health

Muira Puama
Muria Puama is also called ‘Potency Wood’, a small Brazilian tree that grows across the Amazon river basin. It has a long history of use in Brazilian folk medicine as an aphrodisiac

In herbal medicine Catuba has a long history of usage as an aphrodisiac. The Tupi Indians in Brazil first discovered the potency enhancing qualities of the plant and over the last few centuries they have composed many songs praising its’ wonders and abilities

The Divine Lovers Blend
The Swiss grade cocoa is blended with renowned aphrodisiac herbs.
Mix 1-2 teaspoons with sugar, boiling water and milk.
Perfect when a touch of Kahlua or cream is added.