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Fifty Shades of Grey – Party Game


Romantic, liberating and totally fun, this is the party game that will entertain and surprise you as it reveals how you see your friends and how your friends see you.


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A romantic, liberating party game that’s designed to entertain, surprise and reveal how you see your friends and how they see you. Laughter, smiles and occasional winks are all a part of the fun.

Players have to listen to risqué questions before secretly voting on which of their friends they believe is best matched to the question.

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game has questions that can be played by anyone. When you play this game you will learn to know people in a whole other way. This is a party game that will amaze you and shows how your friends see each other.

All players get the same style question, then secretly vote who of the other players best matches as an answer. The player who gains the most votes gets an “Inner Goddess Token”. The first player to collect twenty of these tokens wins.

Game includes

  • 300x Vanilla Questions Cards
  • 150x Inner Goodess Tokens
  • 1x ‘NDA’ Pad
  • 1 Submissives of Christian Grey Pad
  • 6x ‘My Answer’ Pads
  • 1x Rules

Also available is a ‘Red Room’ expansion pack which contains even more raunchy action.

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